Dr Thomas Clements

My research is based on understanding the controls and biases of fossilisation, predominantly how soft-tissues preserve. My research has focused on experimental taphonomy in several areas: 1) understanding the variations in preservation potential in different fossil cephalopod groups, 2) constraining the controls on replacement of soft tissues by calcium phosphate, 3) determining the complex preservation pathways of siderite concretionary Lagerstätten (such as the Mazon Creek, USA) and 4) identifying the influences of sedimentation rates and palaeogeography on preservation.

At UCC I am investigating the effect of decay and fossilisation has on insects and whether we can infer colour patterns from their fossils.

For further information on my research please visit my webpage: www.tgclements.com


Clements, T., Dolocan, A., Martin, P., Purnell, M., Vinther, J, Gabbott, S., 2016. Eyes of Tullimonstrum gregariumreveal a vertebrate affinity. Nature, 532, 500-503. DOI: 10.1038/nature17647

Clements, T., Colleary, C., De Baets, K., Vinther, J., 2016. Buoyancy mechanisms limit preservation of coleoid cephalopod soft tissues in Mesozoic Lagerstätten. Palaeontology, 60, 1-14. DOI: 10.1111/pala.12267


2013-2017: PhD, University of Leicester: An investigation into soft-tissue preservation: controls on exceptional preservation in the Carboniferous Mazon Creek Lagerstätte, USA.

2012-2013: Palaeobiology MSc, University of Bristol.

2007-2010: Geology Bsc, University of Brighton.