Dr Aude Cincotta

I am interested in the taphonomy of vertebrate soft tissues in general and in the changes occurring in the molecular composition and ultrastructure of these tissues during diagenesis. My research project deals with the taphonomy of vertebrate integuments and associated structures in amber. I will test the survival potential of important biomolecules and integumentary structures in amber through a multi-analytical procedure. 


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I completed my Master degree in geology at the ‘Université Libre de Bruxelles’ in Belgium in 2013. My Master thesis was about the palaeo-environmental reconstruction of an Early Cretaceous locality from southeastern France. This locality shows fossils of reptiles including, turtles, dinosaurs and a pterosaur. I then started a PhD in palaeontology at the University of Namur (Belgium) and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Belgium), which I finished in December 2017. I worked at refining the dating (radiochronology and palynology) of a fossiliferous site that contains remains of a basal neornithischian dinosaur, as well as reconstructing the palaeo-environment of the locality. Another aspect of my doctoral thesis was to study the taphonomy of epidermal appendages from theropod and ornithischian dinosaurs. After my PhD I worked as a data manager at ‘Bruxelles Environnement”, a regional organisation mainly dealing with environmental issues (soil pollution, water quality, urban planning, animal welfare, etc.) in Brussels.