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Misleading fossil pigments

Feathered Dinosaurs

Interview with BBC Radio 4

Classic Drive – Culturefile

Mooney Goes Wild (begins at 28:28)

What colour were fossilised insects?

Colouration in fossils

Interview with Seán Moncrieff from Newstalk

Interview on Futureproof about the Tully Monster paper!

Interview with Jenny Devitt from Abbey104 on fossil weevil colour!

Maria on iCRAGorama podcast!

Media articles about melanin

New UCC study

UCC fossil discovery

UCC scientists discovery

Reconstruction of extinct animals

New UCC discovery

Libros fossils

‘World-first’ from UCC on fossils

Groundbreaking work at UCC

Frogs help scientists make leap in study

Scientists work on 50myo frogs

Real-life Jurassic Park

Discovery by UCC scientists

Fossil discovery

Valentina’s interview starts at 25:20!

Fossil colour study

How colour shaped dinosaurs’ lives

Media articles about pterosaur feathers

Feathers are 70m years older than previously thought

Fluffy pterosaurs

Origin Of Feathers Is Millions Of Years Older Than We Thought

Pterosaurs had four different types of hair-like feathers

Study of flying reptile sheds light on origin of feathers

Study of flying reptile sheds light on origin of feathers (page 5)

Pterosaurs Sported Feathers, Claim Scientists

Feathers and Fur Fly Over Pterosaur Fossil Finding

New discovery

Not just splitting hairs

Fluffy Pterosaurs

Feathered pterosaurs

Pterosaur plumage

UCC pterosaur study

Dinosaur Research: Pterosaur Feathers

Interview with Seán Moncrieff

Media articles about Women on Walls

Fresh impressions: female portraits

Images of the Day

Maria talking about the portrait

Full documentary about the portrait

For the first time in 230 years, there are Women on Walls of the RIA

Media articles about the Tully Monster

The mysterious ‘Tully Monster’

300-million-year-old ‘Tully Monster’

‘Tully Monster’ controversy

The Mysterious ‘Tully Monster’

Bizarre ancient sea creature

The Sea Monster Named “Tully”

The Illinois Tully Monster

Riddle of Tully monster’s identity remains

Bizarre Tully Monster fossil

Mysterious 300-Million-Year-Old ‘Tully Monster’

Mysterious ‘Tully Monster’

Media articles / interviews about fossil colours / feather development

Misleading fossil pigments (click main image)

Feathered dino history!

Prehistoric pigments

UCC scientists make new discovery on colours of dinosaurs

Colour of dinosaurs different than first thought

Everything you knew about dino colours is wrong

Flake news: dinosaurs had dandruff

Dinosaur dandruff discovery sheds new light on ancient beasts

UCC scientists discover 125 million-year-old dinosaur dandruff

Irish scientists discover 125 million year-old dinosaur dandruff

Oldest known case of dandruff found in 125m-year-old dinosaur

Flake news: 125mya dinosaur dandruff discovered

World’s Oldest Dandruff

Dino-bird dandruff

Dino-bird dandruff

Oldest known dandruff ever

Scientists discover dino-bird dandruff

Dinosaurs Had Dandruff Problems, Too

Dinosaurs had dandruff, fossils reveal

Dinosaur Found With a Bad Case of Dandruff

Jurassic Scurf: Earliest Case of Dandruff

Dinosaur fossils show oldest case of dandruff

Irish scientists make dino dandruff discovery

Discovery helps explain how dinos shed skin

Dinosaur dandruff

Dinosaur fossil dandruff

Dino-bird dandruff

Structural Colour

Golden wings

On wings of gold

Insects first flew on golden wings

Golden-winged insects pre-dated butterflies by 200 million years

Discovery of ancient butterfly colours

Scientists discover ancient colours

Ancient butterfly wing colours discovered

Metallic colours of ancient butterfly

The curse of zombie fossils

The curse of zombie fossils

The science behind fossilization

Feathered Dinosaurs on Radio 4

In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg

Classic Drive – Culturefile

UCC research at the Cork Science Festival

True Color of Dinosaur Feathers Debated

We May Have Got the Colors All Wrong

Fossilized animals study

Dust-up over dinosaurs’ true colours

Recovering the Colors of Fossil Animals

Time changes a fossil bird’s colors

Dinosaurs may not have revealed their true colours

Dinosaurs: now in colour

Media articles about fossil snake colours

Mooney Goes Wild (Maria’s interview begins at 28:28)

Irish scientist recreates fossil in full colour for the first time

Skin colour of 10 million-year-old snake discovered by UCC

A 10-million-year-old snake, in full color, for the first time

Cell structure analysis reveals colours of 10-million-year-old snake

Irish scientist’s fossil study to reveal colours of dinosaurs

Fossil snake colours revealed by Irish research

A fossilized snake shows its true colors

UCC researcher reveals mystery behind colours of 10m-year-old snake

Media articles / interviews about fossil insect colours

Fossilised insects

Colouration in fossils

Fossil Color

Fossil Wonderlands

The Preservation of Colors in Fossil Insects

Fossil beetles show true colours

Prehistoric beetles sported hotrod colours

Prehistoric animal colours

How did insects get their colours?

Fossil record analysis on insect colours

Irish scientists find 13,000-year old colour

How did insects get their colours?

Interview with Jenny Devitt from Abbey104 on fossil weevil colour!

Media articles about fossil bone marrow

10 million year old bone marrow

Bone marrow still juicy after 10 million years

Fossil frogs yield ‘soft tissues’

Other media articles

Kids interest in STEM

ERC Consolidator Grant!

IWD 2021!


Irish dino bones

Feature on TG4

Maria’s profile on WAS

BBC Radio 4 interview

Paleonturología 17

The ‘Amateur’ lives on!

20 incredible women

18 innovative researchers

The cutting edge of STEM

Maria’s article for Brainstorm

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