Media reports and interviews on the colours of fossil feathers, structural colours in fossil insects, fossil frog death, and more!


Media articles on fossil feather colours: live science, Smithsonian magazine, nature news, Yale news, scienceblog, wired

Media articles on fossil insect colours: wired, scitechdaily, BBC, abc

Media articles on fossil bone marrow: National Geographic, livescience, New Scientist, BBC

Video interview: using experiments to understand fossil colours (courtesy Patrick Lynch at Yale University):

Radio interview on the Naked Scientist

Podcast on Palaeocast

2013 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Read about our exhibit for the prestigious 2013 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. The exhibit is titled ‘Prehistoric colours in fossil insects and feathers’ and is being developed by a team of palaeontologists that includes Dr Stuart Kearns, Prof. Mike Benton and Mr Chris Rogers from the University of Bristol, Dr Paddy Orr from University College Dublin, and ten postgraduate students from the University of Bristol and Yale University. Our exhibit will incorporate fossils (feathers, metallic insects, and a specimen of Sinosauropteryx), fossilisation experiments, a scanning electron microscope, and even a fossilisation video game. Read more about our exhibit here.

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