New Paper in Current Biology

McNamara, M.E., Orr, P.J., Kearns, S.L., Alcalá, L., Anadón, P., Peñalver, E., 2016. Reconstructing carotenoid-based and structural coloration in fossil skin. Current Biology, published online 31/3/2016. DOI: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF!


Repro Free Provision 310316 The colours of the skin of a 10 million year old Spanish snake have been discovered from its colourless fossil remains by scientists at University College Cork (UCC). Picture shows UCC paleobiologist Dr Maria McNamara, with Bertie the boa constrictor who has the same colouring as the 10 million year old snake. Research by Dr Maria McNamara, UCC and her team have found that some fossils can retain evidence of skin colour from multiple pigments and structural colours depending on the conditions in which they fossilized which will aid research into the evolution and function of color in animals. Pic Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision












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